Copenhagen for 4 days

We’ll be visiting Copenhagen while our daughter is studying abroad there mid October.
Suggestions for charming hotel in central location and good restaurants to treat her to.
Not the most expensive hopefully :slight_smile: As well as the sights we should not miss while we are there to get a really good overview of Copenhagen. All appreciated - haven’t planned anything as of yet!!

Our family went there a couple of years ago just for a couple of days. Our relatives in Sweden showed us around so we had personal tour guides =o) Our favorite spots were…

  • Nyhavn which is a 17th century waterfront district. Really beautiful, great for photos!
  • For a great international street food court experience, try Papiroeen.
  • If you’re up for an amusement park, Tivoli Gardens is a lot of fun. And it’s right across the street from the Copenhagen Central Station which is beautiful and also great for photos!
  • If you’re up for a strange/interesting adventure, visit Christiania, a colorful anarchist commune. No photos allowed except in designated spots.

There’s plenty more to see, but for a short trip, those are my faves. Happy travels!


In addition to jillbilly99’s excellent recommendations (we did those when we visited), if you have not been to Sweden, you can take a train to Malmø via a short, scenic ride over the Øresund bridge-tunnel. We went over for an afternoon and saw the Twisting Torso building, saw the Malmøhhus (Malmø Castle, old red fortress), and wandered through the old town to find a place for dinner before taking the train back to Copenhagen. It was a nice way to visit two countries over a 4-day weekend without breaking the bank.


My husband and I were just in Copenhagen in June. Only there for three days. We really enjoyed the National Museum of Denmark. It is a huge Museum. Allow several hours. We purchased the Copenhagen City Card (for 24 hours) and we made our money back just by using public transportation and the Metro (including our ride back to the Airport). Have fun!


Thank you!

What a great suggestion- thank you

Great - we are looking forward to it!

Touring the Carlsberg Brewery was one of the highlights when we visited. Plus you get to sample a variety of beers brewed there. Ironically, one of the most popular was Budweiser brewed for the European market.

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Also, an additional food recommendation. If you want to experience René Redzepi’s famous “New Nordic” approach to cooking, but don’t want to spend $500 per person, you should try this taqueria helmed by Chicago native and former head pastry chef at Noma, Rosio Sanchez:

The tacos are incredible, but if for some reason you find you don’t like them—no worries it’s located right outside Torvehallerne, one of the world’s best and most interesting food halls:



You’re the greatest!!! Our daughter has been there for over a month and is so ready for good tacos!!!
And an affordable meal option! For her and for us!
Looking forward…

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When we’re in Copenhagen (usually a couple of times a year) we usually stay at the Tivoli hotel. Also the parking garage there is one of the cheaper ones in the city.
Food wise I highly recommend
Madenitaly for pizza
Riz Raz

If you want to try what Americans call a Danish in Denmark then when you go to a bakery and get a spandauer. I also recommend trying a flødeboller, kanelsnegl (cinnamon roll but made with danish pastry),and hindbærsnitte (this is what pop tarts want to be).

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