Cornish Pasty

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Traditionally, the ingredients inside are baked in from raw rather than making a filling then baking a pie. The also used to sometimes have half savoury and half sweet fillings so you got two courses in one pasty!
The arsenic poisoning was a genuine thing tho and unfortunately the discarded crusts didn’t appease the ‘knockers’ but attracted vermin to the mines spreading disease.

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I’ve looked for many years through old documents and recipe books and the “sweet at one end, savoury at the other” thing appears to be more myth than reality. One Cornish friend says that her mother had heard of it and tried it but it wasn’t very good because it’s difficult to keep the ends separate.

The pasty lives on in Mexico as well as Michigan. It’s known as a Paste in Hidalgo state, but is still a crescent pie cooked with the filling raw to start, just the way the Cornish tin miners who brought it there made it. The town of Mineral del Monte, a.k.a. Real del Monte is home to what must be the world’s only museum of pastys (possibly defunct) and a rather far-from-home International Festival of Pastys (Festival Internacional del Paste)

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