Corpsewood Manor

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As of September 2018, visiting Corpsewood Manor can only be done with the owner’s permission prior to the visit. He may be contacted through the site’s Facebook page. He is not on that page, but at least one admin knows him and can contact him.

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I’m disappointed by the article’s blurb about Dr. Scudder & Co. Scudder’s open practice of Satanism is well documented, he made no secret of it and was very open and declarative about it; it was even incorporated blatantly into the design and decor of the mansion he and his lover built by hand. Ironically, at the time, he fled “discrimination” against his “lifestyle” in the big city Chicago, which is how he ended up in rural Georgia. Unfortunately he imbibed in all kinds of grotesque, illegal, and immoral activity, and the leader of his murder was a frequent visitor who did drugs in the “pink room” of the mansion, a room cut off from the rest of the mansion that was used specifically for doing potent drugs and orgies with “guests.” The grotesqueness of this remote place and what took place there is pretty unnerving, but to say the least there is nothing haunted about it, and no spirits. It’s just a ruin in a wood where a bad man lived and did bad things with other loose people. For more detail, dig around, there is plenty of documented works on the subject, with photos and video of the interior of the place when it was inhabited, the satanic art, skulls, and interviews with regular guests to the mansion–Those disturbed by it, and those who loved it.