Craig-E-Clair Castle

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The Craig-E-Clair castle is fascinating and beautiful, no doubt about that. And it’s frustrating that the Mason’s haven’t been able to get the town of Roscoe to collaborate on some sort of mixed use for it, though they have pitched the idea of it being a performance venue for summer concerts and craft fairs.

Altas Obscura, I love you much, but am really critical of you suggesting at then end of this article that people can climb the hill to look at the castle. I suggest that if someone is really passionate about seeing the castle that they contact the Masons or ask the very pleasant gentleman that is the caretaker. He’s only cranky with people that break into the property by climbing the hill. Just like any of us would be if someone climbed over the fence to our backyard as opposed to knocking on our front door.

Hey @shawnlewis888, thanks for the thoughtful comment. We definitely do not promote sneaking into places or trespassing, and I thank you for flagging this entry. I’ve changed the verbiage in the place entry to reflect that it is not open for visitors. Apologies again for the inappropriate text, and thank you for letting us know.

@shawnlewis888, How would I go about contacting the care taker?

I live near the castle and visited the caretaker who lives at the base.

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@shawnlewis888 This castle has fascinated me since i first saw it online five years ago. Is the caretaker willing to give tours or allow visitation if I drive up and ask him?