Crowds in Dubrovnik



This is a PSA. I was recently in Dubrovnik for a week. Before, during, and after the trip I was constantly fielding questions about whether the city was too crowded to enjoy.

My answer: not at all!

That said. these questions don’t come from nowhere. I could tell from the emptiness of restaurants in the nearby suburb of Lapad, where we stayed, that we were there at a time when the city was well under its peak tourist population.

Luckily, we also had weather in the high 70s, F, and sunny days everyday for a week. The Adriatic is a warm body of water, so swimming for hours at a time at midday was fantastic.

I was there from October 14th to October 22nd. I would fully endorse a similar game plan for anyone who is considering a trip to the Dalmatian Coast. You lose very little in terms of the beautiful weather, and avoid crowds that, from most accounts, can become stifling at peak season.

Also: yes, the area is THAT strikingly beautiful.

PS: My wife and I spent plenty of time in the old city, and we did notice that from Monday-Wednesday tends to be when the cruise ships send their populations in to tour. So a smart itinerary will save the city walls and churches for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.