Crownsville Hospital Center

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We went by this place today and drove slowly by. If anyone ever bought this land for development they would likely find all sorts of unmarked graves. The place probably has horrible spirits hanging around. It’s so creepy!

Actually, there are marked, what I suspect are graves across IH 97. You get to the gravesites via a bridge that crosses over from the Crownsville Hospital center grounds over IH 97. There is a big field, and if you wander into the woods on the right as you enter the field, you will find markers in the woods with, as I remember, either letters or numbers. I cannot confirm if they are gravesites, but they are evenly spaced, like you would find in a graveyard. When my son was young, there was a large scouting event held in the field, and I took a break and wandered off on my own into the woods, and found the markers. Really sad to think that these people died in oblivion, with no family to mourn their passing.