Crystal Cave

It appears that this article is flawed with incorrect measurements. The Crystam cave in Joplin Missouri is listed as the world’s largest geode.

Ge> ological Survey originally estimated to be from 10 to 25 feet high, 20 to 40 feet wide,

and approximately 225 feet long. Since these published dimensions were a guess, a
subsequent report in the 21st Annual Report of the Bureau of Mines and Mine Inspection of
the State of Missouri, published in 1907, was made. It stated that the actual dimensions of
the cave, as measured, are 10 to 40 beet in height, 45 to 70 feet in width, and 250 feet in
length. The cave chamber is elongated from the northwest to the southeast. *

The cave was actually used as a fance hall in the past, but the constant seeping of water led to it being shut down. It is currently under a paved lot.