Crystal Palace dinosaurs

Due to Lockdown I’ve been discovering places I can walk to from my flat more, turns out it’s further then I thought! I walked to Crystal Palace and discovered the worlds oldest dinosaur statues from the Victorian times? Has anyone else been to see these? They aren’t accurate by modern standards but I think this just makes them more interesting!


What a brilliant discovery to have made during such a bleak time especially considering all the restrictions on movement.

Personally I have known about the statues since I was a kid and love them though I haven’t been to Crystal Palace park to see them in many years.

I totally agree that their weirdness is what makes them interesting. They are such incredible monuments to the history of science so even if they are not exactly paleontologically accurate :nerd_face: they are still well worth visiting.

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I remember reading about them as a kid growing up in the US. I was pretty excited when I was finally able to visit them a couple years ago. Here is a video I made showing the dinosaurs

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Work in London and this is one thing I really want to see but not made time to so far. That and Nunhead cememtary.

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I lived in Peckham in the 70’s so used to get the bus up to see the dinosaurs, surprised to hear they’re still there.
Pleased that they are, make great photos.
If you like prehistoric thing go to Horniman museum and gardens, Forest Hill.
The museum won’t be open for obvious reasons, I would think the gardens would be open.
I remember seeing plants and trees there that are suppose be from that period, lovely place to walk around, big grounds.
I’m assuming it’s all still there, it’s been 50 years since I was there.

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The Horniman museum and the surrounding gardens are definitely still there and thankfully still going strong.

They do indeed still have a part of the gardens that showcases prehistoric plants like ferns and cycads and they even have a Wollemi pine specimen growing which is a species that was believed to be extinct and then rediscovered in the early 1990’s.

As you said , very well worth a visit !

They’ve been given grade I listed status so it will be there for a long time!

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Sad news… One of the Crystal palace dinosaurs has been vandalized…