Curious Atlas-y Wedding Locations?


It’s summer, so once again, love is in the air and the wedding invitations are in the mail. Weddings can be incredible celebrations of companionship and togetherness, and if you’re lucky, they can also be an opportunity to visit some incredible places. More and more, newlyweds are trying to find unique, unforgettable spots to tie the knot, and no one likes unique and unforgettable locations more than Atlas Obscura. So tell us about the greatest places you’ve ever been to attend a wedding or the hidden, secret, and curious places that you’d like to have your own wedding.

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In the comments below, tell us about the incredible places that you’ve been to for a wedding or where your dream Atlas-y wedding spot would be. Tell us what you found so enchanting about the place, what it means to you. And if you have any wonderful pictures, please post those as well. Your submission may be included in an upcoming round-up article on Atlas Obscura. Whether or not you like weddings, just about everyone can tell when a location would be perfect for one.


Place in London that would be great for a wedding. It’s a church so very traditional, it is still consecrated so very holy, its a Wren church so very historic and it is a haunted church - 3 queens of England buried in it. And one of them a mad queen who murdered her husband for having fancy men (a warning to all prospective couples there). But it is also a ruined church - it was torn apart in the Blitz and they planted roses where the seats used to be. Wedding would need to be on a Sunday as in heart of working London and in the spring/summer for the flowers. But would be fantastic wedding site. The church tower survived and is now a private home.


Married in a beautiful church from 1869 in Cleveland but our reception was at the largest bank lobby in the world built in the 1920s where Rockfeller even had an office! Even had photos taken in the vault. cleveland wedding photographer - Cuoghi + Anthony // a 925 building wedding in cleveland — Too Much Awesomeness


My friends Kimberly and Francisco were married at the Point Vicente lighthouse in Palos Verdes, California! It was stunning!
(Photograph courtesy of John B. Mueller photography)


Lighthouse weddings should be a trend if it’s not already.


I was recently in Batumi, Georgia and there was a couple getting married just out on the street. There were random cars driving by, honking in support. You can see in the background there was construction going on no more than 10 meters away. There was literally a cement truck pouring concrete while these two were just walking down the aisle like it was NBD. Her in her pristine white dress while construction workers covered in sweat and dirt toiled away in the background. :man_shrugging:


We were married at Imago Earth Center in Cincinnati, OH that was started in the 70’s by two married social workers. It’s a nature center that’s only 3 miles from downtown and 17 acres of forest, yet hardly anyone knows about it. We were able to work out a donation based fee as long as we cleaned up after ourselves. The ceremony was in their labyrinth and could not have been more meaningful or beautiful as we symbolically walked down the winding paths of our lives to join our hands in marriage.


I’m getting married this year and we’re having our reception at the former control tower of Greenham Common airbase in the UK.

The airbase was used by the USAF from the second world war until the the 1990s. Famously it was the home of 96 ground launched nuclear weapons and thousands of women protesters opposed to their presence.

The four mile long runway has been dug up and is now a nature reserve hosting many rare birds and plants.

I can’t wait to watch the sun go down from the 360 degree glass control room on my wedding day with my new wife and family and friends. Love saves the day!


Oh my goodness, I have been looking for this place since 1999 when I stumbled across it during a walk through London when I studied abroad. I always told people it was my dream wedding place but I didn’t know what it was called or anything about it! Now I know what it is called and can show my hubby pics!


Of all the weddings I have performed I have never performed one in a church. My strangest was in an airboat in the Everglades. The bride claimed native American blood somewhere way back, so over her white wedding dress she wore a rabbit-skin vest.

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One of the most unusual weddings I attended - the bride was married in the creek behind the house where she grew up. As she played in the creek as a child, it was her dream to be married in that creek. As the day approached, her father built a small wooden bridge across the creek so that guests could cross safely. Leading down from the bridge he also built steps into the creek.

She found her dream wedding dress at a local flea market. Many girls had fallen in love with the dress, tried it on and it didn’t fit. It fit her perfectly with no alterations required. The groomsmen, her minister father and the bride and her attendants all wore flipflops as they waded through the creek (groomsmen who wore tuxes had rolled up their pants legs).

It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in the bride’s back yard.


Aw… this is really lovely.


I got married in the Silcox Hut at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon. The hut specifically is unique because it’s near the top of a snow-covered mountain, so it’s only accessible by snowmobile. All of our guests and vendors had to pile into snow cats and take a bumpy ride to the venue. It was quite an adventure!


Was married at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA on May 17th of this year. Didn’t have to provide any decorations or flowers because the historical prison’s background was beautiful in its design and decay.


One of my best friends got married at the Bates Motel on the backlot of Universal Studios. They even had a Norman Bates skulking around the ceremony. It was an amazing experience and may be one reason I never got married. Who can top that???!


My daughter and son-in-law were married at the oldest fairground in the state of Kansas; the Vinland Free Fair at Vinland, KS, an unincorporated town that dates back to the 1860s. The fair is so old that it’s not part of the county/state fair system (and in fact, the county where this is at has its own county fairground). Other than animal pens, there are only three structures on the fairground; the exhibition building (which is on the national historic register and where we held the reception), a small outdoor stage (where the ceremony was held) and the “fair food” building (where the caterers set up).
When we contacted the care takers about the possibility of using it for the wedding venue, they had to clear it by their board of directors because it had never been done before. Since then, they are now marketing it as a wedding and meeting venue. It’s provided a real shot in the arm to them financially in helping to preserve the beautiful old grounds and buildings. This is my daughter inside the exhibition building just prior to the wedding.

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We were married in a nightclub that Prince owned in Minneapolis. The Quest Club (FKA Glam Slam) was perfect for us as we’re both in the music business. The back of the stage had gothic shaped “windows,” so it actually looked very church-like. We had a formal reception upstairs in what was the private VIP section of the club. It featured more of the gothic windows, as well as twinkling lights on the ceiling, silk flowers and vines, and huge fountain. Later that night, we were back down on the main floor where our favorite bands played well into the night. It was beautiful and wonderful!


I have always dreamed of getting married at the Ribbon Chapel, in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture. I am an architecture buff, and both me and my partner are Japanophiles. We just adore this place, and we would be right where we wanted to be for the honeymoon - which would of course include a trip to Bunny Island! (Okunoshima) images%20(22)


This sweet couple shared their first date at an amusement park in Portland. What better place for a wedding?

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