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How big are these ruins exactly? I was on this nature trail last week and didnt see anything. It wasnt on the trail map thats posted in the front. Perhaps, I had to walk farther?

We went there yesterday. Parked at the Albertson Road trailhead as described in the AO listing for Daniels. Hiked in about 1.5 miles before getting first to the train tracks/bridge (the still active ones) across the river, just beyond those is the first church, the Pentecostal in the photo above. It;s in considerably worse condition now. We saw plenty of industrial foundations and mysterious metal components. Several very vintage abandoned cars. Did not know for sure at the time we were there about the other church and graveyard so didn’t hunt for the trail to find them. I knew there was a second church but thought maybe it was the one visible across the river (that is now private property, a steel fabrication plant that does not allow visitors). But we will be going back to try to find St. Stanislaus and cemetery. So, long story short, park at the Dogwood road lot and follow the paved path along the river (used to be Alberton Road, led to the now abandoned town, currently a white blaze thru trail for Patapsco State Park).