Datil Pepper

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Finicky growing requirements? You can grow them almost anywhere. I’m in Michigan and it’s one of my biggest most prolific pepper plants. Where do you get your information?

Bill Wharton The Sauce Boss, is a musician / chef from Florida, who cooks a pot of gumbo during his rocking blues performances. He makes a great hot sauce called Liquid Summer that incorporates the Datil Pepper. It’s a really good hot sauce, not just heat, but great flavor. I highly recommend it.

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Hi! Just a quick note: the article says “pronounced 'that’ll,” which makes it sound like the “d” is pronounced “th.” As someone who lived in St. Augustine for many years, I know that’s not true, but I just wanted to make it clear for anyone not familiar with the pepper. Don’t want anyone to be confused! It’s pronounced like “that’ll.”

And if you’ve never tried it before, it’s delicious! Tip: Hazel’s Hot Dogs on US1 serves a DELICIOUS datil mustard.

/ yebbo001, what you are growing in Michigan is very likely a hybrid Datil pepper, which is what the vast majority of the seeds that are commercially available actually are. Even if you have real Datil seeds, it is unlikely that your plants are as prolific as they would be in a better climate. But as you say, Datils are indeed an incredibly prolific plant, often producing hundreds of peppers on each plant well into the fall. It’s a pity they are not more widely available.

From a long-time Michigander and St. Augustine resident

They’re very popular in St Augustine, and they may even have come from Spain at some point, but all genuses of this plant are thoroughly New World, like potatoes and tomatoes.