Death Mask of Pakal the Great

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Can anyone suggest why the presence of modern copper tubes with threaded fittings projecting from behind the mask?

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Maybe a part of the display?

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Hey rbridge333 , thank you for your reply. Its simply part of the display , its a pretty common practice for museums to exhibit their artifacts in this manner.

I think it’s ridiculous to cheapen the look of that beautiful and valuable mask with a dirty old copper pipe probably found under someone’s sink, or in the trash - with threaded connectors, for goodness sake. You would think if all they had to support the display was that old piece of pipe, they’d at least cut those stupid connectors off, and polish the copper surface of the pipe. Or use something more traditional, to support the display, like wood or leather straps. The piece of plumbing they’ve used looks totally ludicrous.

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I’m not sure what you are talking about rbridge333 as I never saw any particularly overt use of copper wires in that exhibit.

I assure you though , the Museum of Anthropology are a world class Museum on a level with and perhaps even better than many European and North / South American institutions, so I dont think they would disrespect any of their artifacts.

Maybe at some future date artifacts will be displayed in Museums around the world using some kind of levitation technology which would avoid traditional setups completely.

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Ah I see , well the thing is those are definitely not copper pipes , the Mayans had very elaborate earrings/ plugs and these are examples of them.

In fact they had many forms of body modification which defy the imagination like bejewelled jade and emerald teeth piecings , huge septum ornaments that look like they would have been hell to carry around.

There is a good paper on this , heres the link :

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