Death Noodles

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The linked article is very wrong. Scoville rating is determined by the ratio of capsaicin in a given pepper/meal, the maximum possible being 16M for pure capsaicin. When 100k peppers are used, the total rating can never be higher than 100k, no matter how many are used. So while eating a meal with 100 birds eye chilli peppers would be close to actually eating 100 of the peppers, it wouldn’t be nearly as devastating as eating, say, 10 full-strength Reapers.

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How hot does it have to get before you need to worry about a Vitamin A overdose?

I ask because as a serious hot food addict, I own pure oleoresin of capsicium. It came with a MSDS warning that it’s toxic. A few drops won’t kill you - although I once drank a teaspoon and then projectile vomited a few minutes later.

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Have you used these death peppers?