Der Trauerautomat

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As a retired RN who worked for 10 years as an RN case manager in hospice and now facilitates Death Cafes in the western U. S, I am impressed with the mourning vending machine. It is unique and can serve as a way to provide assistance to someone who may find themselves in the depths of despair while visiting Zurich’s largest cemetery. I’m sorry that people may not embrace it wholeheartedly, but am not surprised. Western society denies death in a multitude of ways and while I feel I am doing my part to change this, I know I’m just a drop in the bucket. We have a long way to go!


Thanks so much for your comment and your precious activism! Hospice work and professional support during mourning (that is not neccessarily provided by religious institutions) is such an important thing and I am grateful for what I have experienced from hospices in several cases of loss. You’re totally right, I also made the experience that people expect moarners to hide at home and don’t show any emotions apart from funeral ceremonies and people feel uncanny and awkward instead of sharing feelings and experiences. And the reactions to the vending machine are so symptomatic for the taboo you mentioned. But there is hope :slight_smile:

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