Directions to Isla de las Muñecas?

Hey folks - I’m planning on going to Mexico City, and as part of that, visiting Xochimilco and Isla de las Muñecas! I can’t quite figure out the best way to get to the island myself - has anyone made it there? How did you get there? Thank you in advance!


Good question! I asked some locals, and they say you’re right to be confused, there’s actually fake doll islands that confuse tourists! To get to the real location, you should make sure that you and the boat keeper agree upfront to go to the real one (be very specific) and note that it is a 4-hour round trip, so you’ll be paying accordingly.

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Hey @larissa, did you have any luck getting here? I’ll be in Mexico City in a few weeks and was thinking of checking this out!

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Hey Leyla! This site seemed to have the most in-depth directions:

I’d love to see pictures if you’re successful!