Do people here believe there is an unseen world?

Angels, faeries, even chakras. All the stuff we can’t see in this dimension?
I bring this up because I just read the wonderful “fernweh” stories and thought it was just so clear to me that most of these people’s souls had lived past lives in a few of these places.
I hope that’s not too controversial to say here? This is my first post.

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so my answer would be…do you want a scientific or spiritual answer?

scientifically, strictly speaking, no forensic evidence of such creatures has ever been found. an angel has never been successfully recorded on video, and no audio exists of faeries speaking tongues, as i presume they would…

however, this hardly means they don’t actually exist. first, the long oral history in literature that exists is one sort of “proof” they do exist, perhaps in hidden realms where our science don’t work, also, i would argue that the fact that these creatures are useful as metaphor is another way in which they do actually exist.

think about, say, Plato…in a very real way, he only exists in the same place that the creatures you discuss exist ie. inside of books and the minds of those who find reading about his life and thoughts enjoyable.

there is no way anyone can prove that a real “Plato”, truly existed (he may actually be only a composite of several Greek philosophers), but if you asked almost anyone, they would say "oh yes, Plato existed and was a great philosopher! but, in reality, like your faeries and angels, he only exists in books.


In 2004 my new husband and I were on our way home from dancing at the moose lodge. Suddenly, in the headlights of the car an animal resembling an ostrich or a velociraptor ran in front of us. I could see through the animal as if semi transparent, but Bruce saw it as solid. What WAS strange is that the legs did not bend backward at the knee/ ankle joint like an ostriches would. We went home after cruising the neighborhood for it, and we each drew a picture of it. Both our photos were similar. He has sighted these things 2 times since. We believe they are here with us but in a different dimension. Hey it’s also my first post. But I’m definitely not crazy.

I haven’t read the story you mentioned, so I may not be quite answering your question.

For a few years now, I’ve identified myself as a “mystical materialist” — I’ve used that to distinguish myself from mainstream materialists who will believe in some version of the statement that “only matter exists,” sometimes seemingly forgetting themselves that atoms themselves, and even subatomic particles, or space and time might be best understood as projections of more fundamental, arcane entities/phenomena.

I used to be one such materialist, and traveling has humbled tremendously.

Our shared reality is incredibly rich, and we’re not even always paying as much attention to it as we’d like to think we are. I think it’s natural that different people in different places, and under different circumstances will come up with seemingly disjoint ways of talking about their experience.

I don’t know if “fairies,” whatever that means, exist. If someone tells me they saw a fairy, or talked to one, I may not fully understand what that means without pushing for more details, until I can be satisfied with the projection of their experience I’ve now constructed in my own mind, and may have a different name for — is that projection what they “really” saw? — is it more real than what they claim they saw?

My current assumption is that a lot of what we disagree about is just a translation issue, compounded by the idea that there is the “right” language to talk about it, or at least that we’ve found it.

Not quite my first post, but I hope it makes sense to some of you, and contributes to the discussion :slight_smile:

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In Islam, the belief is in three different types of beings: man, made from “dirt”; jinn, made from fire; and angels, made from light. While generally people do not see jinn or angels, they exist alongside us in a type of parallel universe.

Throughout my life, I have read numerous fantasy stories and novels. So I’m familiar with faeries and angels and so on. However, although I’d like it if such beings existed and communicated with us, I firmly do not believe it is so. Nothing has ever surfaced to provide a hint of proof to substantiate such claims. But I’m always open to being wrong.

One of the most famous efforts to document fairies was the Cottingley fairies, a series of five photographs taken by a pair of cousins. Many people believed the accounts, including spiritualist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but these were eventually proven to be a hoax. Just check out the Wiki discussion - Cottingley Fairies - Wikipedia

I think this is quite spot-on, language plays a huge role in defining reality.

As someone who is skeptic to a fault, I believe in concepts that are often labelled “ESP”, or intuition, even aspects of astrology and others. ESP might not be extra-sensorial but rather hypersensorial, a tuning of the senses of some people in certain conditions that allows the unconscious mind to perceive tiny changes in air pressure, smells, a reading of people’s non-verbal communication, etc. and provide clues to weather changes, intentions. Similar to what mentalists do, but without a controlled awareness of it.

Factors relating to the time of the year a person is born/conceived in can make other people in similar conditions behave similarly (with an expected “nurture” aspect of “oh well, that’s just typical Scorpio attitude”) and thus create a notion of “signs”. Certain aspects like the intuition between twins have been well-documented anecdotally, but not necessarily studied by science. While science has advanced greatly, even concepts like dark energy are better known by measurements than by direct observation, so maybe some things we know better by observation are just missing the measurements (should we have a clear idea of what to look for and how to measure).

But cultural conceptions have a lot to do as well. Koro does not “exist” for example, as there is no evidence is which a doctor has declared someone’s genitals actually disappear. With outbreaks of it however, there are so many people believing in the condition that it becomes real in the sense that the consequences of it having happened in reality are similar to those of people believing it did. Not to stir any feelings or offend, but no religion has been “proven right” yet, and yet with people living and dying by them every day for most of humanity’s history, they ARE real.

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i just wanna say i do :slight_smile:

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