Does anyone know where in Paris this is? Winding street with little houses

I remember strolling somewhere near the Marais St. Paul and had seen a little street that curved left and had tiny houses. I don’t know where it was and I’d like to find it on my trip next week.

Hey @bwink! Do you have any pictures or more details you could share?

If you are trying to recall a place you’ve been, you can use Google Maps Street view to recreate your route from the ground. Frame the general area, then press and hold on the little yellow man below the zoom control, then drag him to your known start point or as close as you can get on the prominent blue lines of the street network.


This is a great idea!

@bwink You can also use Google Earth Pro ( now free ) to examine a neighbor hood. Launch G.E., put the approximate location in the search box, it will autozoom to the location, then manually zoom to the neighborhood. Turn on the ‘Photos’ layer ( it will take a while to load ) - afterwards you’ll see small icons of photos taken at or near ( and sometimes ‘not’ ) those coordinates. Click on the small dot-like icon and it will show you the image. This is pretty hit or miss, and not as smooth as Streetview, but can be useful none the less.

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I usually think of Butte aux Cailles, 13th Arrondissement for a get-away-from-it-all in Paris. Lovely. And do not miss another often overlooked glorious gem: Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. History and beauty galore!

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