Dong Van Karst Plateau

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I had the pleasure of visiting this area in November, 2017. I had a wonderful Vietnamese man from the area who took me all over the area on the back of his motor cycle. The people I met in this area were very kindW. It is not an area which sees many Western tourists. It has only been open to Vietnamese and Western Tourists for about 20 years. We did see many hill people as we rode around. There was a Sunday market in Dong Van, which is the bigeat city in this area. The local hill people come down to sell their wares and to trade and to socialize. I enjoyed the market very much especially the food and the rice liquor for sale. It is a beautiful area and definately worth a trip. The landscape is absoultely beautiful. If you can ride a motorcycle or have a driver, the roads are generally good but mountainous of course. I highly recommend this stunning area.

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