Doodle Soup

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I read “drippings” as “droppings” and almost died. :sweat_smile::dizzy_face:


Same here… only I died with laughter!!


Ah geez yous guys. I wanna go to Bradford, TN. The doodle soup the call. But so far away and the train don’t stop here no mo. Still wanna go. Yes, I understand drippings, was raised right. Sheesh, “droppings”? Shame on you. That’s right, go on and laugh. Naw, Bradford knows wheres its at. Doodle Soup. Shoot, the bus doesn’t even stop here anymore.

Does anyone know any good places to get this outside of the festival? I will be driving through the area, though not in September, and would love the opportunity to try it, but haven’t had much luck finding any useful information.