Download map Pins for offline use?

Dear Friends,
We travel with an iPhone and iPad. The phone usually has a foreign plan when going abroad. The iPad is strictly offline and Wifi. I use Pocket Earth (sadly, probably going out of production) to store info and create routes that can be accessed offline.
We’ve been caught more than a few times in places with spotty or no cell coverage!
Is it possible to export Pins from Atlas Obscura maps so that I could import them into Pocket Earth? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks so much!
Yours truly,
Bucky Edgett


I personally use ONx maps. You can download maps for offline use and they work flawlessly with iPhone and iPad.
Another very good option is basemap. They both do essentially the same thing and cost about $7 a year. They are both hunting bases but work great for whatever you do outdoors

Thank you. I was hoping to get advice on how–if possible–to download Pins from Atlas Obscura.