Dreamfactory - A hidden gem

Hey everyone! I am glad to have found this interesting forum. I am Swiss and work for a place called Dreamfactory. It is truly unique to say the least.

We are an event venue specializing in Vegas style dinner shows with magicians, illusionists, etc.

But that is only half of the dreamfactory.

If you go down a flight of stairs, you’ll find the catacombs of magic. Over 3000m2 large and home to some of the most fascinating, weird, creepy items you will find. I am talking about ventriloquist dolls, magic library, wax figures from The Palladium Cellars in London, miniature worlds, sci fi and horror characters, classic cars, original autographed instruments and memorabilia, a casino, and much much more.

If you love the extraordinary you will NOT be disappointed. Actually, nobody will be disappointed.

We are located in Degersheim, Switzerland and are open every Wednesday- Saturday starting July 15th, 2020. Official Dreamfactory Website

We look forward to giving you a tour.