Dress code for Abu Dhabi Beach

I am a little bit confused about whether I will go to Abu Dhabi or cancel my trip with my family and friends.
Heard from many people that Abu Dhabi has strict laws regarding dress code. What kind of dress code do we wear to travel around in Abu Dhabi?
Please do give your opinion.

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As of now in Sep 2021, the situation is a bit under control in UAE, however, I will suggest waiting for another 2-3 months and see how does the next wave impact.

If everything is under control by this year-end then you may consider visiting several places in Dubai.

Regarding your question about Dress Code, you will have to follow some basic guidelines while going to beaches but there is a strict dress code while visiting any mosques or beaches in Abu Dhabi or UAE. Here are few important guidelines https://booktoursindubai.com/what-should-you-wear-in-abu-dhabi-beach/ for both men and women who are going to beaches. Happy and safe journey.

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