Easter House, Twentynine Palms, CA Abandoned



More than a few years ago I went to an abandoned set of houses off the highway near 29 Palms, CA. One was decorated for Easter, like a schoolroom and then in the next room was a bedroom with mirrors everywhere. It had the creeeeeeepiest vibe. Wondering if anyone else ever made it or had any idea what it was. Here is the Yelp with location. Here are my photos. I am always hoping I’ll find someone who can explain!


Wow, thanks for sharing those photos! Creepy indeed.


When you say "on the way to Amboy"on the Flickr page, were they near the Roy’s sign? I remember seeing an old schoolhouse from the distance but never went inside.


It’s been a long time but yes, on the way to Roy’s. I do not think it was super close to it tho. My recollection was closer to 29 Palms. If I had to guess it would be somewhere between the Amboy Crater & 29 Palms base. It was surrounded by lots of other abandoned houses and one room cabins. The school part was normal but like, WHY the mirrored bedroom?