El Panecillo

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I have a great deal of evidence that the “woman” in Revelation 12:1 is referring to The Father as Jesus said he and his Father would return together in the end of the age in John 14 and “she” is compared to the Sun which always represents a Father in certain symbology. Thus her “son” is the return of Jesus that “she” is birthing to her Throne task. The third evidence of this is found in Revelation chapter 11 - the Two Witnesses who are BOTH Christs (anointed, assigned the task by God the Father). So Christians who say the Two Witnesses appear to be Moses and Elijah and or Enoch, are correct but not 100% correct.

I believe I have lots of evidence in scripture that the two people from Texas who became known as Ti and Do were the ones referred to in the records as The Father/Jehovah/Elohim and Jesus (Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah also).

I was with those called TI and DO for 19 years, the Ones who founded what became known as Human Individual Metamorphosis in 1975 and Total Overcomers Anonymous in 1992 and Heaven’s Gate in 1997.