Elfreth's Alley

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Otherwise known as "Father, Son and Holy Ghost homes have basically one room per floor with extremely narrow stair cases. They inturn forced furiture to be hoisted from the street by of means a hoist the attachment points being still in use and readily visible. Simple matter of removing the complete window and in it goes. Homes are open for the most part on Elfreds Alley Day, costumed owners and all. Worth a visit.

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Lovely place, and uncrowded when I visited. I was there as a preteen in the late 60’s. My aunt was furious with me because I would not peek into windows and stare. I’ve since been a guest in several historic Colonial era homes, and have often strolled down bricked or cobbled streets in Philly and Boston, but I’m still disinclined to look into private spaces. Philly is still my jam.