Elgin Cemetery Sentimental Statues

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This is an active Cemetery used as the municipal Cemetery for Green River Utah and outlying communities. Many of my relatives are at rest here. Including my cousin and uncle who drown in the river in 1989, My Grandmother in 1999 and most recently, my Grandfather in 2013.
I have several ancestors buried here.
My Grandpa was a coal miner, and later, both my Grandparents worked on the Missile Base. Many say that the Missile Base was the real Area 51, as there were many sightings of strange things out there. If there was anything going on out there, My Grandpa would have known about it. He maintained every inch of the facility, including climbing the towers to change the giant light bulbs.

Elgin was frequented by Butch Cassidy and his gang stopping for supplies. The canyons in Eastern Utah were prime hiding places for rustled cattle, and escaping from the law. The mazes of blind desert canyons were dangerous for anyone who did not possess an internal compass or a great knowledge of the land.

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Thank you so much for sharing that, @kkdaffodil, I did all the research I could after stumbling upon Elgin’s deeply touching cemetery, but it’s nothing compared to hearing a personal account from a person who has a connection to the place!

I visited two weeks ago after overhearing someone talking about it at Ray’s Tavern, and knew that I had to made a special trip to go out and find it.

Let me tell you, I was blown away by how artful and unique it was, I’ve been all over the world and have never seen anything like what I saw in Elgin. Just being alone in the early morning in such a beautiful location, with such a person touch, was so surreal. It really feels like a true connection to the early west, and the Butch Cassidy story makes so much sense.

I actually even stumbled upon Green River’s military history, just because I was walking down the main street and saw the Green River Launch monument, and was driven to do more research. Thank you, again, for adding additional accounts and also so much more to look up! I hope to be back soon, Green River is such a wonderful place.

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