Enchanted Forest

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I remember going to the Enchanted Forest as a child on a school trip. By chance, though, was there also one in Washington? A quick internet search isn’t yielding anything, but I remember we went there on two different trips in grade school (around 1978 or so) as it was the first time that I’d been on a roller coaster. The park was magical. <3

Perhaps you’re thinking of Oaks Park in Portland – it always felt near Vancouver when we’d go there on school trips.

Enchanted Forest and Wild Waves! In WA right off the I-5 South of Seattle. I believe it’s still there under new roller coasters and upgraded rides.

The Enchanted Forest theme park has held on to its vintage charm since first opening in 1971. The park contains areas themed to a Storybook Lane, an English Village and a Mining Town which each feature an array of custom made colorful characters. Enchanted Forest also features several unique rides, including the Alpine Bobsleds, Challenge and Mondor, and Log Ride.

It’s on my list to visit for quite a while and we finally got there last summer:

There used to be lots of great places to go when I was a kid, I am so glad I grew up in the time that I did and not today eyes glues to my radiation emitting communication device that has so far advanced society to the point most people do not even know how to read a road map or even remember the phone numbers of loved ones by heart.