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In order to not derail the original forum feedback thread where some of us were informing the AO staff of entries with picture issues I figure it might be a good to make a special thread just for these cases.

The thumbnail of this entry’s pic cuts off the unicorn at the top (there might also be a typo as the town seems to be InverkEIthing, but the title says InverkIEthing).

The featured pics for both of these entries are very similar, the one focusing on the stones specifically has close-ups of the stone walls that might help differentiate both.

Hi @linkogecko, thanks for flagging these!

I’ve fixed the typo on Inverkeithing, and changed the lead image to so that the thumbnail doesn’t decapitate the unicorn.

I also updated Temple of Santiago Tlatelolco’s Stones so that we lead with one of the close-ups of the stones—agree that those two might have been confusing to see next to each other!

Appreciate your careful eye! Let us know if there are any other entries where the photos need some attention, we’re always happy to take a look.

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Thanks for creating this thread - I have a couple of related questions:

  1. Someone added a photo to an entry that I wrote, which actually a photo of a different place (not the place that that the entry is about.) I didn’t see any way to remove or report this.

  2. I’ve seen a number of entries with multiple, very similar photos added by users. Sometimes the additional photos aren’t even very good (they’re blurry, or have a smiling tourist posing in them) - does AO have a process for reviewing or filtering out duplicative or lower-quality photos?


Hi @johnmonahan,

The best way to address issues with images is to email us at places@atlasobscura.com and let us know about any photo(s) that need attention. You’re also welcome to post the link in this thread if that would be easier! We don’t currently have a way to report specific images, but I’ll pass that note on to the relevant team.

New photos get reviewed as they’re added to the site, and we do our best to filter out any that are blurry, pixelated, too dark, etc. We also do spot checks on the older entries, and will reorder/trim down photo galleries as needed. But with nearly 20,000 places in the Atlas it’s difficult to check on every single one. If you come across any places where it looks like the photos could use some attention, you’re welcome to email us or drop them in this thread!

Thanks Michelle. I sent an email to that address about the incorrect photo, and about a duplicate entry that I spotted. Cheers

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Might just be personal preference, but I think there might be a couple better options or cropping for this one:

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I’ll take a look!

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A few others:

For this one I’ve added a couple CC pictures that could be used

And finally, this one’s not just this entry, but others in “near this place” are not placed vertically:

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Thanks so much for flagging these! They should all be fixed now.

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