Entryways of Essaouira

I’m accumulator of photos. I’m interested in patterns, shapes, colors, history, and it’s change throughout time. Maybe that’s why I fixate on doors (and knobs, and windows, and floors/roofs, and…).

I’ll let my photos speak. Which one is your favorite?



I love that blue and gold door, looks like the archway around it may have some interesting history. Thanks for sharing these pics. These are also some of my favorites although elevator doors.

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Oh wow, those are massive and intricate, thanks for sharing. I do love doors, windows and entryways :smiley:

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WOW I have to choose!?! As a lover of “the mystery of history” & beautiful old tile work I’m torn between 2, 3, 4, & the other very old one you took from a bit of a distance but if you zoom in see how detailed the tiles above it are… lovely! The one that peeks my interest most is the very old one that looks like it could be a castle entrance says the wood making the doors look to be a foot thick, reinforced by massive iron studs and topped by what looks like a “turret” design. Now that one truly gets my imagination going as to what was going on right outside of them, & don’t even get me started on the mysteries it was built to keep(!), lol! I can’t help but wonder at just how old a doorway this one truly is?! I close my eyes as it invokes images of bright silk wearing ladies (completely covered in the beautiful, shimmering fabric!) and men with large “handlebar” mustaches wandering around deep in discussion with another, as it’s crowd increases with people, camels, & other “livestock” all milling about the huge market that magically rose up sometime before even the sun. Here is where a wide range of people gather hoping to offer their various & exotic fare to the best of hagglers that are among the steadily increasing crowd of “regulars” and visitors alike… aaahhh… even without closing your eyes, can’t you just hear the lively music, smell the tantalizing (as well as the not so tantalizing) scents coming from the stalls all surrounded by the din of the daily hustle and bustle a crowded market offers? You gotta love the imagination “for with it comes endless possibilities…” (I believe Albert Einstein said something along those lines, lol). I will have to remember to post some pictures of the 4-6ft tall sand dunes of Atlantic City(!). As the daily tides nibble away at the endangered beaches (thwarting the efforts of the locals to save their coastline) the waters reveal the many many layers of history! You’re greeted with different colors of sand and groupings of battered seashells, creatures would have callEd home, that amass in some of the layers yet, leave others almost barren of a single shard… makes you wonder about what it was like to experience the storms that raged enough to pulverize some or was it a force that was just strong enough to evict others from it’s waters fully intact? Oh how I’m amazed at how some of the delicate but resilient “crustacean housing” are able to survive intact for many years, buried deep in the layers of sand that are stacked up upon one another yearly as the battle between mankind and Mother Nature continues throughout the decades. You can literally see the different colors, consistency, and variety in the amount of what sand the seashells rode to shore on, as if taking a magic carpet ride, only to be imbedded in a cement like tomb, waiting for the day when someone comes along and plucks it free of the prison created by a battle of the elements to be marveled over as it’s status has gone from “housing” to fossil as it was snuggled into the sand and slumbered for what to it may have seemed like an eternity…
LoL, I know sometimes I can get as dramatic as the things I write about then some days I’m not so “poetic”, lucky you got me on a particularly poetic day. Enjoy and thank you for sharing such beautiful artwork for the imagination to savor as if it were an “Everlasting Gobstopper” from The Wonka Factory! TTFN :v:t3::pray:t3::nazar_amulet: B’urz!

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Thank You so much for your detailed response. I, too, always prefer the older, weathered objects, that were probably touched by old hands, young hands, perhaps a dog or two, during its lifetime. “If walls could speak” is a motto that certainly occupies my mind when I examine doors from up close, but also from far away (in the latter case, I would imagine who’s eyes caressed those doors with a loving gaze… or a tired one?). And yes, you’re right- what’s hidden behind the walls, what mysteries?
If I happen to walk by and a crack is open, I would (somewhat ashamed) peek in from afar, take my time and try to pick up the vibes from within the house. Who lives there?
And you know what? Morocco is just the place for those visions. And smells. And sounds. These houses are surrounded by the livelihood of people and animals alike, by the rustles of bubbling tajines, and the sometimes colorful laundry hanging to dry. It’s a whole additional dimension to the photos.
Ta ta :blush:

I think that third picture in the original post is my favorite. I quite like that the tilework is subtle and the rust on the metal.

Also, that green and blue one reminds me a lot of one that always struck me in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico:
Ciudadela by David Cabrera, en Flickr

I love doors too and have the following pictures of them on my flickr, including some of “Morocco” in Disney World’s Epcot (my tags are an ongoing work so some changes might be underway here):



I am a photographer of doors too. Ancient doors fascinate me. I like the 3rd one down and the photo of the laundry. I love colour and design. Cheers


The crenelated wall with the laundry is also my favorite, but it was very hard to choose. What great photos! Thank you so much for posting them!

In response, this is one of my favorite doors in Memphis, at the side of Ernestine and Hazel’s, a great Blues bar with legendary hamburgers. At one time the upstairs was used as a bordello, which explains the faded sign next to the door.


Thank you so much :relaxed: