ESSENTIAL ATLAS OBSCURA FUN FACT: Baby Echidnas Are Called 'Puggles,' and They Are Perfect



Every couple of months, when I’m feeling overwhelmed or down, I remind myself about echidnas. Abandoning any serious zoological inquiry about them as a species, they’re just really cute and curious, in equal measure. They are reclusive, strange, runty little creatures that nonetheless inspire a lot of joy in me (Hi, Marie Kondo!). Not only do they form goofy, waddling “love trains” during mating season, but baby echidnas are officially called “puggles,” and boy are they adorable. Watch this video of an echidna puggle feeding and sleeping (it even gets a little anime snot bubble!). I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me. Happy Wednesday!


Absolutely made my day! They are 100% adorable, and I wish I could take one home to care for too.