"Even More Ways to Help Librarians and Archivists From Home" Discussion Thread

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Hey - I love this great way of helping out during our isolation - and maybe beyond…but wondering is there anything like this in Canada - please take no offence but I’d rather help out closer to home.

Hey! Thanks for reading. As a fellow Canadian, I totally appreciate this question! What province are you in? I’ll track down some ideas.

Oh thanks - I’m in Ontario - Oakville actually - just outside of Toronto

The Newberry Library has a transcription project available to while away your days stuck inside: Newberry Transcribe

As does the Smithsonian: https://transcription.si.edu/

In fact, if one does an internet search on “transcription projects”, about a zillion (well, slight exaggeration perhaps) will pop up.

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Have a PC? You can help Stanford researchers fold COVID-19 proteins (and work on ways to fight the virus) with Folding@Home - less of an “activity” than something you can leave your computer to do while you’re not busy on it.

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