"Excavating a Queer History of Colonial Williamsburg" Discussion Thread

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“Queer” is hate speech. It’s not cute, trendy, or reclaimable. It makes the whole community look bad to use it interchangeably with “gay” or “LGBT.” It harms the cause. Please stop endorsing its use.

There are those who do identify as queer in terms of sexual identity and I don’t think Atlas Obscura is incorrect in its usage of the term. Interviewed in the article itself are individuals who prefer the term and it doesn’t help to condemn them in their choice about using their preference. It is also accepted academically. Some people prefer LGBT, others use LGBTQ or LGBTIQ.

All that is important is how respectful we are of each other’s choices. Pax.


+1 to Anya’s comment. In addition, as a LGBTQ+ person myself, I think the reclamation of the term by the community is an important step in taking back our identities from an almost ubiquitously straight-led depiction in media, history, art, etc.

That being said, if someone is personally not comfortable being referred to as “queer” that should absolutely be respected and is definitely valid.