Experience the Jazzy, Neon Glory of Toronto's 'Night Walk' Videos

I was looking around for City Rock music (another story for another post) the other day when I managed to stumble onto an amazing relic of Canadian television, called Night Walk. Filmed around 1986, the four… episodes? of the Night Walk series took viewers on a leisurely tour of the city of Toronto at night. Lacking story or sound effects, the first-person camera tour was accompanied by a melancholy jazz soundtrack that perfectly encapsulates the lonely feeling of strolling the city streets at 3am. Other episodes were named Night Moves and Night Drive, but they were all the same thing, a wordless trip through the city at night. Night Walk and it’s ilk ran in the wee hours of the morning until the early 1990s, and now survive on YouTube. It’s an amzing time capsule of the city of Toronto in the mid-1980s, and it’s become one of my favorite bits of televised ephemera. Take a break, and check out the video below!


Wow, what a wonderful time capsule. :eyes:

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Eric- THANK YOU SO MUCH.Great music! Great cinematography!

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I’m glad you dig it! They are essentially meditation videos for barflys.

Good one.lol