Explore the U.S. with 10 New Atlas Obscura Trips

The United States is full of extraordinary sites, surprising flavors, and unexpected adventures. With over 6,700 places listed in Atlas Obscura, the Trips team figured it was time to start hosting a few unusual trips in our own backyard.

After spending more than four years touring the U.S. with a band of traveling musical comedians (yes, really), performing in historic and often haunted theatres in America’s boomtowns, and paying my respects to the “world’s largest” everything, I was lucky enough to land at Atlas Obscura as the Program Manager for Domestic and Co-Branded trips. I’ve put together a diverse lineup of curiosity-inspiring U.S. trips for travelers looking to dig into the weird and wonderful places and foods that can be found from sea to shining sea. Today I am happy to announce that we’ve added 10 new trips during spring and summer 2019, from squidding on the shores of Oahu to a culinary tour of one of America’s most diverse neighborhoods.

The beauty of New Mexico’s otherworldly desert landscape has inspired artists, poets, and eccentric hippies for generations. In May, you can venture into the high desert guided by insiders from the local art community for a five-day immersive art experience that includes behind-the-scenes visits to contemporary artists’ studios and a sound bath in one of Ra Paulette’s hand-carved caves. You’ll traverse Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch on horseback, collect a handful of healing earth from the Santuario de Chimayo, and go on a mind-bending exploration of The House of Eternal Return.

Image: (Kate Russell/Used with permission)

In June, you can make your way to Oahu alongside a squid scientist to capture bioluminescent bobtail squid in the late-night tides of the Hawaiian shore. Guided only by the light of your headlamps, you’ll wade into the sand flats off the coast of Oahu to collect lime-sized glowing cephalopods; snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Oahu’s north shore alongside Pacific sea turtles; and visit the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology to talk with a coral researcher about the fragile coral ecosystems that surround this island paradise.

For city-seeking travelers, you can join us on the coasts, where you’ll dig into the diverse flavors of New York’s most international borough with a three-day culinary tour of Queens, offered in May and again in October. In June or September, you can explore the innovative spirit that defines San Francisco’s hip-hop, art, and food scenes (also…you’ll eat a burger cooked by a robot, because apparently we live in the future).

I loved getting to explore the U.S. when I was on the road, and I can’t wait to keep the journey going with the Atlas Obscura Trips community. I’ve added links to all our upcoming U.S. trips below and we’ll be adding more fall itineraries in the next few months, so I want to hear about all the weird and wonderful places where you think we should go. If you’ve got any questions about our new lineup of domestic departures, feel free to ask below! You can also email us at trips@atlasobscura.com or give us a ring at (646) 961-4857. I couldn’t be more excited to get the conversation started.



I Loved travelling in the US but refuse to go again until Trump and Co. are not longer in power.

Keep up the good fight. I hate traffic and long lines…

Please don’t give up on the US because of Trump. I work as a tour guide and the Trump Slump as we call I the industry only hurts us not him. Plus, by the time he is done they may be drilling for oil in Yellowstone and chisel his face into half dome so get here while the getting good.


Thank you for this response. I couldn’t agree more! One of the things I loved about traveling the U.S. was experiencing the diversity of people, places, and ideas that make this country so incredible. My experiences on the road honestly made me think differently about the assumptions I had about various regions of the country. It was eye-opening in so many ways.


Having seen, visited and short lived in various places in this world, the U.S. is my home with or without #45… I could say the same about other countries, but I would be missing out. Don’t step on your own foot and miss out on life.