Face in the Window at St. Paul's Church

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I am in Halifax now and, unfortunately, it looks like the windows have been replaced. There is one original window there but I cannot see any face in it. If I am missing it perhaps the original poster can specify what window to look at.

Hey @kollek! After contacting the church, we can confirm that the window is still there! Thanks again for helping us make the Atlas Obscura database more accurate!

Apologies, I must have missed it. Is it possible to A- delete my wrong post and B- specify which window it is? There are some that look alike.
Thanks and again apologies

Oh, no need to apologize! I appreciate you flagging it so we could check it out! And you should be able to delete the comment via the little trash can icon if you so choose. As to specifying the window, we’ll look into it, but any on the ground experience would be best. Thanks again!

The window is on the higher side of the church (Argyl street) I just saw it yesterday :grin: it’s also to the left I believe second last set or last set of windows to the left when looking down from Argyl at the church

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Oh awesome! Thank you for the help!