Favourite artist / artwork discovered on a trip



Hey Obscurians,

Just thought I would make a post about this as I’m curious to hear your experiences

Have you ever discovered an artist /artwork in galleries/museum on your travels whose art was a highlight of your trip ? or an artist who you hadn’t previously heard about but whose work somehow moved/ inspired you ?

Looking forward to your replies



I lived under a rock for the longest time when it came to Yayoi Kusama…until I was at the Dallas Museum of Art last year and happened to be there during their exhibition of her “All the Eternal Love I have for the Pumpkins” infinity room. It was an unexpected treasure and delight to a museum visit where I thought I’d hit up the permanent galleries and bounce!


I think one of her exhibitions recently came to London but not sure if I am remembering correctly , I wanted to go see it but somehow never got round to going.

Next time I see one of her exhibitions advertised I wont hesitate to go see it , they look so psychedelic or like some kind of bio-luminescent predatory deep sea creature , they are really awesome.


My partner and I went on a “just for fun” excursion a few weekends ago, visiting several art galleries in downtown Denver. There were several outstanding artworks that caught my eyes. Laura Ball’s Chimera exhibition was especially delightful.


What an amazing artist ! They are really are chimera’s ! Thanks for introducing me to this artist :slight_smile:


During a trip to London I went on Janet Cardiff’s audio walk, The Missing Voice: Case Study B 1/11, and I’ve been fascinated by her work ever since. During the London walk the listener meanders from Whitehall Library to Liverpool Station as she narrates an intimate site-specific narrative. This was in 2003 so you had to check out a special Discman (!?) from the library, but now you can download some of her works to your phone and organize your own outing. E.g. check out her audio walk through Central Park in NYC: Public Art Fund: Janet Cardiff

Her sound pieces are a fantastic and wonderfully disorienting way to experience a place, whether you’re a tourist or a local.


Oh wow this sounds excellent !, there is always something left to discover in London and this is just my type of thing.

In fact it sounds like something from a Borges or Cortazar novel , I am definitely going to check this out at some point.

Thanks a million for sharing this Daniel ! Much appreciated!


Completely accidentally, while wandering around Gent (Belgium) for a day, I ended up visiting a fascinating place, Dr Guislain Museum and Art Gallery. One of the most captivating treasures there were detailed installations by Markus Meurer - he has works exhibited in multiple galleries around Europe. For fans of dystopian, steampunk-ish art!


Yes, last summer I was introduced to two, Anders Zorn and Anders Zorn in Mora, Sweden; and Gustav Vigeland in Oslo, Norway.

Mora is home to Anders Zorn’s home and the Zormuseet, which displays many of his works. Though he is best known for his female nudes in outdoor settings (and they are very realistic), his depiction of the Swedish woodands were evocative of the beauty of the countryside around Mora.
Gustav Vigeland was given a large park and studio to work in and display his sculptures of people. They are all sculpted nude - so they represent humanity without historical limits suggested by clothing styles. It is astounding.


In November I was in Luxor Egypt on the west bank of the Nile staying at a small village called Ramla. There is an art museum on the dirt street where our flat was located, and they had a grand opening while we were there so we went. I was very impressed by what I saw although I’ve seen lots of artwork before in Cairo and Luxor, none quite as moving as this was. It was mostly political in nature, and he is both a sculptor and painter. I particularly loved his sculptures especially the one of a man’s fists tightly chained with his arms shown. It was quite beautiful.


I found a facebook page (scroll down) for the location and dates of the new exhibits:

The artist I liked was Salem I believe.