Favourite Botanical Gardens you have visited?


Love both the Eden project and Chelsea physics garden.

I’m hoping to revisit Chelsea physics garden in Spring to take another look at their datura plants.



Oh wonderful. Do let me know what you think. They offer tours with docents. We had a great one who brought the whole history alive for us. Also, the Chelsea Physic Garden, like the others, has a lovely cafe. :smiley:

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The first time I visited I thought it was wonderful.

But this time round I’m mainly going to see the datura stramonium they have , its a plant that has fascinated me for a long time.

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Sorry, I missed that you said “revisit”. :smiley:
Oh yes, the Devil’s snare. I had to look that up. I’m just now starting to learn plants by their scientific names. I am always impressed by those who can. The docent we had said that she could remember about 2000 of them. Incredible!

I coupled my visit with a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show that same week. It was madness, but in a pleasant and exciting way.

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I always find botanists sort of more noble than animal biologists. They work with organisms that most people take completely for granted although their survival depends on them, and well plants are just fascinating.

It does depend on the botanist though , hahaha , sometimes they can be so passionate about their subject of research and take completely for granted that the language they use is way too technical for layman understanding.

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I’m sure you’d love it in that case. Iceland is full of history, magic, and has such amazing fauna and flora.



Oh I would definitely love it , I’d particularly love to see an arctic fox. Hopefully one day I’ll get to see the island.

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Oh, yes! That would be amazing. I actually looked into it before leaving, but never got around to it because it was a little out of the way in terms of the road trip itinerary.

In the West Fjords, you can go on a guided hiking tour to observe Arctic Foxes in their protected habitat.

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Haven’t been to many gardens, but this one has to be my favorite so far:


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Sounds like a brilliant tour , I’ll definitely keep it in mind for any future trip to Iceland

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Love the idea of conserving native forests / trees and plants so this place looks excellent!

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I loved the Botanical Gardens in Albuquerque, NM when I saw them 10 years ago. I can’t find my old photos, and it was long enough ago that I only remember snippets, but I remember a dragon in the fairytale garden, long swaths of camelias, and some very sweet cows in the farming section. I think the aquarium was adjacent, too.
Last fall I visited the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, Quebec, for the Festival of Lights. The Chinese Garden was spectacular at night!



Nevis botanical gardens will always hold a special place in my heart http://www.botanicalgardennevis.com. Of course, my home state is pretty amazing too https://www.dbg.org.

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My god , its beautiful , I love that axolotl / carp light , I bet it was an awesome festival to see !



kirstenbosch gardens in cape town is high on my list. i’ve been to buchart gardens in b.c. but even in winter that south african beauty took my breath away with the myriad of protea soecies!




It looks like an amazing place to explore. I love the winding wooden walkway , sort of reminds me of the tree walkways of Rivendell from the Lord of the rings … actually not sure if it is Rivendell TBH, Tolkein is confusing and its been eons since I saw the films , but its where the Cate Blanchett character Galadriel hosts the fellowship.

I love the succulent species from South Africa , particularly the “living stones” they are such beautiful plants and so unusual.



Ack, sorry for the delay. It’s definitely open to the public, and inside the hot house there’s I think four terrariums with some tropical frogs, poison darts and the like. Not a big thing but neat, kids love it.

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Last week I was in Athens at the UGA Botanical Garden for an evening wedding! On the property there is a little chapel, but instead my friend chose the conservatory in the visitor’s center. Great choice! I had no time during the day to stroll through the grounds outside for February blooms (I would have expected to see redbuds, japanese magnolias, cherry blossoms, carolina jasmine, paperwhites, some lingering camelias, maybe some early dogwoods.) I did however enjoy wandering (and hiding, when I’d need a break from social excitement lol) through the jungly path of coffee plants, elephant ears, and fragrant cattleyas!



Ohh… I spy with my little eye a Floripondio, also known as the devils trumpet … Its the orangey coloured hanging flower in the last picture , a lovely looking flower

Its a type of Datura or “Devils weed” , highly hallucinogenic and potentially deadly , its made into a substance called “burundanga” in Colombia which is used to make Scopolamine , a drug that puts a person into a psychotic state and has a zombifying effect totally destroys any will power.

The indigenous Pre-Colombians used to take it in a concoction in religious ceremonies , but even they believed it to be a malevolent plant because only strong shamans could return to a lucid state after having ingested it , most ended up in a permanent state of psychosis “lost to the spirit world”

Today its used by criminals who blow it into a persons face or spike their drink so that they can rob or do some very bad things to them.

Sorry about going off on a tangent like that , hahaha , just thought I’d mention it



Not a full-on botanical garden, but the museum and landscape are amazing, especially in the spring or fall. If you’re in northern Virginia, close to Winchester its worth it. Glen Burnie Gardens | The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley