Fern Canyon

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03/17/20 - I was also surprised to find this area open amid the coronavirus outbreak. There were a few other visitors, though we were all able to keep our distance from one another. Once you get to the kiosk where you pay at the coast, the road gets super rough. However there were small cars who braved it. The walk to the canyon is short and flat; wander up as far as you can as it is stunning.

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Fern Canyon is my absolute favorite place in the whole world! I used to visit often in the 1970s when I was a student at nearby HSU. My last visit was in October 2019. I did manage to ford the two creeks in my Prius, but it was touch and go. The ranger at the kiosk recommended parking and walking in, but that would have added over 1-2 miles to the hike. I had perfect weather; sunny, no recent rain (although it did rain the next day). so was able to easily walk without having to do too much wading in the creek in the canyon, but I was glad I wore my hiking boots and hiking stick, and ended up wet to my knees. I did not see any Roosevelt Elk on Gold Beach, which was disappointing as I have nearly always seen them there on previous trips. These are photos I took on this visit.

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Wow! I can just taste the oxygen breeze!