Fes el-Bali

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The Fes Medina (a.k.a. Fes el-Bali) is beautiful and fascinating, but if you haven’t been there, watch out: it’s also highly touristy and filled with people trying to rip you off. Visit the eastern half, across the river, for the “real” experience where fewer tourists go. Also, don’t buy things in the Medina. One very nice hotel proprietor (at the lovely Dar Ikram) gave me a great tip: if you want those beautiful Moroccan tea glasses, don’t buy them in a Medina at all. Go to a supermarket instead! That’s where Moroccans buy them! Also, check out the excellent meat pie and dessert vendor on Rue Talaa Sghira near Dar Chourouk and Riad Les Chifris. This place is cheap and has some great snacks and baklava-like sweets. You wouldn’t think a fish pie in phyllo dough would be good – but IT IS! And overall, if you want a somewhat Fes-like experience with a lot fewer tourists and better shopping deals, the nearby town of Meknes is definitely worth a visit.

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Hey @ike1 thanks for these awesome tips! Im sure you will make someone’s Morrocco trip that much more exciting.