Finca Vigía

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From what I’ve read online, visitors are not allowed to go inside/enter the house. However, visitors can walk around the property and look through the windows? I’m trying to figure if this is worth visiting…any feedback/confirmation would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I was there last year though I don’t know how the new travel rules affect Americans in Cuba. I liked Finca Vigia and went on a private tour with Locally Sourced Tours (despite their name, their offices are in New Zealand though the guides are Cuban). It’s on a hill overlooking Havana and the sea. Lots of new development during the intervening years but still beautiful. You do stay outside of the house and look through the windows which isn’t great but more than OK. You get to see Papa’s scribblings on the walls in the bathroom (keeping track of his weight) and the places he strolled and relaxed. There is a lookout tower that his wife had built for him with even better views. I went there in a classic car which was fun and later stopped at the Statue of Hemingway at Cojimar. Then had lunch at a restaurant nearby with Hemingway artifacts (a bit touristy) called Las Terrazas. Not a life changing day trip but I enjoyed it.

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Yes, I agree. I was on an AO tour a few years ago and it was well worth the trip to see his home. Lots of details of his life can be picked up by looking closely. And to see his yacht, the pool (empty then, but nevertheless) and the grounds was quite special. Don’t hesitate if you have the opportunity. It gives a different, more intimate impression of the man than is available typically.

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