Fleming's Hotel Paternoster Lift

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Ack! Paternoster lifts have been a subject of conversation among my co-workers as of late—in part because of their prominence in Babylon Berlin, in part because they seem so out of place in our safety-obsessed age—so I was thrilled that my holiday travels to Frankfurt was going to let me try one of the few remaining Paternoster lifts in the world.

I made a special visit to the Fleming Hotel yesterday, only to learn that the previous evening two people had gotten stuck in the lift for over an hour, the police were called, and that it was now closed, and they were considering closing it permanently.

Have I missed my last chance to ride a Paternister Lift by one day?!


Anyway, very interested in what others discover in the coming weeks. And maybe I’ll try another visit before I leave town.

Here’s a photo of the roped off lift:

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List of paternosters (german)

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