Florida tolls


Having recently enjoyed a road trip around New England where many of the states now only have electronic tolls, can anyone tell me whether that’s the same for Florida now? It’s been a few years since I was last there and they still had cash tolls then.


I am getting pretty good at using Sunpass to pay tolls in Florida. Most state welcome areas on the interstates sell one-time use and reusable toll devices. They are in vending machines and sometimes desks with ‘live’ people are available. The trick, I have found, is to make sure you get the start and stop dates correct, along with all the other things like tag #, make, model car, etc. I lost $80.00 when I forgot to turn off an extension date that I added to a rental. Just be aware, read directions, and you should be OK. Bye-the-way, most, but not all, toll booth/plazas still take cash.


Thanks for the info. The vending machines sound really interesting. Will have to look out for those. Do you or anyone else know if they have any at the airports? I’ll be picking up a hire car at MCO but don’t really want to get one of their Sunpass devices as they’ll charge for the whole two weeks I’ll have the car and I’m only likely to want it for a day, two at most.


Check with your rental company about their Plate Pass availability and policies. This is a service the rental car companies provide. You just go through the pass lane and the toll will be sent to the rental company for payment by you. Some companies will charge a fee (Maybe $15/day), some don’t charge (Hertz possibly). Hope this helps.