Foods database

I was wondering is we could get some info on the foods database now. New additions have been down for months and you guys say that you don’t want new foods, just restaurants. (Which I still think is a a great pitty for all regional foods)

Anyway, I just saw one of my foods featured on the Facebook. So I was wondering what that is about if you don’t want to focus on things like this anymore.

Will the foods database ever reopen again?


Hey @CoolCrab thanks for the note. No new changes to report at the moment besides the team is working to reorganize the database to reflect the new approach and guidelines to help users out with what the database will look like going forward and what entries should look like. It will still focus on food experiences as it fits more in line with what the Atlas is and what it is used for. However, certain regional foods may work on a case by case basis. Hope this helps some and thanks again for the note.

I hope the team will change its mind(s) – knowing more about individual regional foods has made me want to experience them. I have quite a few on my travel list! I don’t want to feel limited to one restaurant or even one city or neighborhood if it’s not necessary. Just tell me about the food and what country or city it’s in. I’ll find it.


I fully agree with this. My travels have been enriched quite a lot by this database and I am sad to see that my last 4-5 additions are just dead because they are not in some fancy place.
I got a bunch more that I could add, but almost none of them fit the description that is being alluded to.

Hey @korenni thanks for the note. I think the new format will still highlight individual regional foods and dishes, but that may also be a case by case basis for the editors to decide on if it’s exceptional. However, most entries will center on a place instead of an individual food unique to a particular country. When the guidelines are released they will outline in much better detail than I can the direction of the food database. I know it has been a long process and can be daunting for the community so we truly, truly appreciate the patience.

In the end, it will create better synergy across the Atlas and provide users with a better travel utility when using the Atlas, where they just don’t know x,y,z food exist in the country they are visiting, but they will be able to know where to go specifically to try a specific dish, and be able to plot how to get there.

Here are a few examples of the new approach to the food database.

But what if for example you have food that really represents a country and or region, and can be found either in every restaurant or even just in supermarkets. Below I added some foods that match that bill. The first one you can find in literally every french fry stand in the country, but they are unique to the country. The next few you find mainly in supermarkets and the last two again can be found in every restaurant on the Canaries. Linking foods like this to a restaurant is either impossible or misleading. Also id say that most restaurants that serve these things are in no way interesting or unique. So would foods like these not make it onto the database anymore?

As I would argue that this is a thousand times more interesting, than the moose cheese that 99.9% of all Swedish tourists will not be able to try due to its isolation. Which of course does not mean that it shouldn’t be on the atlas, but it feels like putting the bar very very high.

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Yeah, I can say I’m more interested in the food and it’s history than necessary any individual place. A place could be interesting if it’s where something originated before being more adopted but there are so many dishes that just are not really done in restaurants but are by cultures.