Foreshore Freeway Bridge

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This reminds me of San Francisco’s Highway 480. It was nothing more than a stubbed out section jutting out from the elevated portion of Highway 80 before hitting the Bay Bridge. Its intent was to extend along the Embarcadero waterfront and join with U.S. 101 at the Presidio near the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge. The stub sat for years while businesses along the waterfront resisted its development. The quake of 1989 damaged a section and the whole thing was dismantled.
The only purpose it ever served was as the venue for a car stunt in the movie Freebie and the Bean.

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Got wind first time of this ‘Foreshore Freeway Bridge’ during a watch on a UkTV programme - ‘Abandoned Engineering’ - and this aroused my curiosity to have a second look much later using google map application. My observations and analysis discovered a straight forward, cost-effective solution to the problem and this can be resolved as quickly as the ‘client’ shows interest to continue this project to completion. Should any discussion in this regard be required, I’ll be prepared to take this further with the stakeholders. Suffice to say am reachable on +44 7577810188. The structure is better put to a more functional usage than being a vuvuzela stand.