Fort Ord

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There is actually still some military housing there, along with a commissary & PX. It’s used for people stationed at the Defense Language Institute & the Naval Postgraduate School. I used to take my daughter for walks along streets of abandoned houses when she was little

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“Fort Ord was once the jewel of the United States Army.”

I’d hate to see the non-“jewels” of the Army! I found Ft. Ord to be a scary place, at least in '76/79. I always recall how many of my Army friends referred to the 7th Infantry as the “bottom of the barrel”, etc. My apologies are extended to the many good soldiers who served in the Infantry. I’m just quoting what I heard. All I can say is that I’m glad I chose the USAF, and attended the Defense Language Institute.

Also, Fort Ord was not generally considered to be in Salinas, but in Monterey, a completely different community. It was on the shore of Monterey Bay, while Salinas is an inland agricultural community…