Fort Pike

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01/30/19 - My Houston buddy and I stopped here, and it is another stop we would never have known about without Atlas Obscura.

For added interest, Beyonce filmed a portion of her Lemonade album here, and the climax of the first season of True Detective was also filmed on location here. This explains why certain portions felt a lot more “cleaned up” than others.

You will have to step through a couple chain-link fences to access the fort, but they are not guarded and locals do not seem to care at all. Most of the fort was overgrown with tall grass and weeds and short trees.

Above all I wish there were some explanation for the construction and purpose of the holes and spaces, which we could only guess at.

Some a**hole took a monstrous and disgusting deuce toward the backside of the interior of the fort. People are so disrespectful.