Found Art

Do you like seeing beauty in everyday things? Have you seen things wherever you go that look like art?

I was walking along the museums in DC last Sunday when I saw this on the sidewalk. Probably just some dried juice or soda but it made a pretty pattern.


This is such a great idea. I like to call this the “American Beauty Effect” after that scene when Wes Bentley’s character blisses out over a plastic bag in the wind.


Art is where you find it, there are no real rules when it comes to art.


Water is one of the best places to look for this kind of naturally-occuring art. I found these air bubbles trapped in the slime at the bottom of a water mirror and found them hypnotic. They reminded me of masago, or frog eggs.

Masago de Aire by David Cabrera, en Flickr


Parking garage in West LA.


Brings HR Giger to mind


This brought trypophobia to mind.

Not entirely in line with the original post, but what happened to me today cannot possibly be more literally “found art”. Walking near the beach I found a bag with something covered in bubble wrap. Assuming it was someone’s I sat down nearby and read for a bit. After no one came for the package or even paid much attention to it, I got close enough to read the note on it:

Brought it home, and here it is, truly magnificent:

Quick search has revealed this is the artist’s, Isaac thom Glasgow’s M.O.

One of the most random and best finds of my life.


How fortunate! Wish I lived close to that beach. What an awesome art piece. I love stained glass.

Hope you are keeping well and staying safe. :mask:

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Thank you, hope the same for you and yours.

I’m in UK where, for better or worse, from the start of lockdown, there have been exceptions for going out on walks or exercise.

Going back to the (great) original theme of the thread, I find that a zenithal angle, directly overhead, often gives great patterns for found art:

Durazno Entre Tejas by David Cabrera

Humedad by David Cabrera

And shadows are also great finds:

Sombras CaĂ­das by David Cabrera
Sombras Diagonales by David Cabrera
Tlachtemalácatl Sombra by David Cabrera

And finally, following color is also a great way to find art:

Secándose by David Cabrera