Free day in El Paso, Van Horn, Marfa

I’m from out of town but have some free time tomorrow to explore the area. Any suggestions? thanks-

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Just have fun and explore the city you will be really enjoying it.

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Have you done the standard Marfa stops – the Marfa Lights, Prada Marfa and the Chinati Foundation?

If so, Alpine is nearby and is a pretty cool town, and driving to Fort Davis (22min), McDonald Obversatory (45 min) or the ghost town at Terlingua (1h52) are all pretty doable.

Can’t offer as much on El Paso or Van Horn.

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I was in the area two years ago, and the highlight of my trip was actually driving between Marfa and El Paso with a pitstop through Balmorhea!

We just launched a new feature that helps you search between places, give it a shot and see what you find:

Finally, if you’re looking to do a lot in one place, Marfa has a ton of options in terms of art, food, music, and drinks. Of course, there are a few unusual attractions as well: