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Anyone have a link to a good recipe for this?

I’d like one, too. I’m going to stop reading articles about food from this site. There’s never a recipe or where to go to find one. Very frustrating.

Looks like there’s a good recipe here!

I found this one, it looks pretty good!

Hey @purplevette44, I’m sorry to hear that you’re finding the food experience frustrating. We’re not currently set-up to share or display recipes on the main site, as the primary purpose of our food entries is to illuminate and tell the story of the amazing foods of the world, and it’s difficult to vet specific recipes. However, we hope that our forum space can become a place for people to post recipes and share their experience with actually eating and preparing our foods. If there’s ever a food you would like a recipe for, feel free to come to the forums and ask, and if a member of our community can’t provide you with a recipe, we’ll try and find one. In any event, apologies again for the frustration and I hope you’ll keep coming back.

Thanks! I’ll skip the Scotch Bonnets and sardines----maybe use Thai fish sauce instead.

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Thanks! Looks super easy and worth a try, although I admit it all sounds like a weird combo.

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