Fried Chicken Gizzards

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I’ve lived in Indiana all my life and I’ve been eating for as long as I can remember.At least once a month I get a package of hearts and gizzards from my local Walmart.I’ve found that cooked in an Instant pot with a little BBQ sauce makes them a little more tender!


I grew up in Ohio and these were sold at the deli of the local IGA with potato wedges didn’t know they were supposed to be a Southern thing.


I love me some chicken gizzards, I’m originally from Virginia but I can still pick them up here in Alaska at the grocery store delis but my Mom use to make gizzards in a creole sauce over rice that was to die for.

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My mom used to make gizzards…also from Virginia lol

Gizzards, hearts and livers were staples for me growing up in Wisconsin. Still love them now in my 60s!!!

Same here! Gizzards were a favorite treat for me as a toddler in Dayton, when Woody’s was still in business in the '80s. No idea it was Southern in origin.

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From roughly the same area. And, yea Woody’s was a fun store. As a kid I liked the walkway over E. Dixie Dr.
The IGAs in the the area also had the gizzards and potatoes and pickled eggs and beets.

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